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Another Monterey Car Week in the books for Diane Caplan

Let's talk Monterey Car Week. It is the car event that really revs my engine every year! Seriously, this thing is like the VIP party of all the supercar adventures I embark on annually with the Post Oak Motor Cars crew.

So picture this: Touching down in San Jose, ready to rock, and then cruising on over to Monterey, California. We snagged digs at the Monterey Marriott hotel, and let me tell you, it blew our socks off. Top reason? Location, baby, location. Right in the thick of it all, just a stone's throw from the RM Sotheby's auction.

Our favorite spot for oysters Old Fishermans Grotto in Monterey

Day 1 - Wednesday was all about touching down, unloading goodies for clients, grabbing our passes for The Quail, and basically settling in before the wild ride of entertaining, hosting, and party-hopping.

Day 2 - Thursday kicked off with a groggy stroll to our go-to breakfast joint, Crepes of Brittany, right across from our pad. I'm moseying by RM Sotheby's, and bam, they're setting up the auction cars, including the drop-dead gorgeous 2001 Ferrari 550 Maranello Prodrive and a stunning 2003 Ferrari Enzo.

So, after filling up on breakfast goodness, the gang splits up. Half the crew heads out to wine and dine a VIP client with a leisurely lunch on the pier. Meanwhile, me and my partner-in-crime Liz head to downtown Carmel for some sweet car action with the local Ferrari club and the Prancing Ponies – an all-women's car show that's been on my radar for a while now.

As the sun starts its descent, we hightail it to the Barnardus Lodge, a 20-minute cruise from town. That's where Rolls-Royce is throwing their shindig for Monterey Car Week. Trust me, the Hideaway at Barnardus Lodge is where the magic happens. Rolls-Royce rolls out the red carpet for their dealer reception, giving us a sneak peek at their jaw-dropping $30 million custom creation. We do the "hellos," then it's "goodbyes" as we dash over to the Hennessey bash, where they're unveiling the Venom F5 Revolution to a throng of enthusiast. And just when you'd think we'd call it quits, nope. We're off again, splitting up to wine and dine not one, but two sets of clients for some fancy dinners.

Day 3 - Friday – Ah, Happy Quail Day, my personal peak of the Monterey Car Week madness. We're chilling at the Carmel Valley's Quail Lodge and Golf Course, where all the big shots in the luxury and supercar game strut their stuff. You've got major brands setting up magnificent stages to flaunt their latest and greatest rides. And don't forget the private owners with their awesome classic and modern gems. This year, the electric Rolls-Royce Spectre stole the spotlight, hands down. Porsche's 75th-year bash showcased a lineup of classic 911s in every crayon color imaginable. Plus, there's this "evolution of the supercar" display, packed with drool-worthy cars from private collections. My heart? Always for Bugatti and Porsche. Oh, and you're in celeb central too – spotted Shmee and the fresh face of the car world, Jordan Sanford.

Post daydreaming in car heaven, it's back to the hotel for a power nap before we glam up for the Rimac record breaking celebration. Then we swing back to Rolls-Royce's Afterglow bash at the Barnardus Lodge.

Day 4 - Saturday – Boys being boys, they're off golfing at Spanish Bay, while us girls hit up the Macallan House at Pebble Beach. This spot used to be the Bentley Home , but Macallan's in charge now as one of their premier partners. Picture tastings, shopping for exclusive bottles, and some new Bentleys to ogle. It's like a serene break from the action, sipping Macallan cocktails and soaking up that Carmel bay view. But, hey, ain't no slowing down. We're soon back at the hotel, sprucing up for the Bugatti bash and Bentley's Evening, THE party at Pebble Beach and Tennis Club that's always worth the hype.

Day 5 - Sunday – Rise and shine at the crack of dawn for a brisk pier walk, hanging with dozing sea lions, then it's off to Pebble Beach for the grand finale – the Concours d'Elegance. Let me tell you, Ferrari fans, the Ferrari Lawn on Hole 1 is where it's at, right by Casa Ferrari. We're talking a sea of Ferraris – modern stunners, classic treasures, and even some pro-racecars. Personally, I'm eyeing my Risi Competizione 296 GT3 and a mind-blowing Ferrari 812 Competizione A. But hold on, there's more – the concept lawn is next, a sneak peek at future projects. And just a hop, skip, and jump away, the main concours event unveils a timeline of automotive history, from vintage classics to post-war marvels. The Carmel bay backdrop adds this magical touch.

Whew! What a whirlwind, right? I mean, I'm gonna need a vacation after this work trip. But let me tell you, every bit of the late nights, early mornings, and crazy fatigue is worth it. I'm already counting the days till the 2024 show. So keep on chasing your passions, folks! Until next time, stay on the gas pedal. Cheers, Diane.

Diane Caplan Monterey Car Week
Fourtane in Carmel California



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