• Diane Caplan

Pebble Beach - A MUST DO trip for any car lover

Catching up from Monterey Car Week and Pebble Beach, still don't think I have been able to go through every single image and video I have taken.

This year was even better than last year, with amazing cars from some of my favs such as Bugatti, Ferrari, Bentley and Rolls-Royce.

I think the most exciting thing this trip was the amount of fellow #CarGirls that I ran into. From several of our Heels and Horsepower members, to Alex Hirschi aka @SupercarBlondie and Debbie Foreman aka @batventador . It truly was a sight for sore eyes running into so many amazing women.

Now back to cars, so highlights for me were the unveiling of Bugatti's new Centodieci, which blast off from 0 to 62mph in just a blink of an eye or 2.4 seconds. The limited edition model pays homage to the iconic EB110 and packs a punch with 1600 HP from its iconic 8.0 liter W16 engine. Only 10 of these will be produced costing about $9 million and of course, all are sold.

Now, everyone knows I am a big Chiron lover, but was also super excited to finally get to see the La Voiture Noire up close and personal. She was displayed on the concept lawn for Pebble Beach.

Checking out these cars at Quail and Pebble are wonderful, but it is always a treat to be able to go to the exclusive Bugatti party to mix and mingle and really get to appreciate these works of art without all of the crowds.

Next up, Rolls-Royce. I have to give it up them, they have done an amazing job of breaking the mold and keeping the brand young and fresh. This year they chose to add a pop-up boutique where everyone and anyone could check out some of their new cars from the Pastel Collection and more. Bright yellows, pinks and greens covered the lawns and of course a stunning blue Cullinan, which was bought by Kris Jenner.

Now everyone knows that the best party to go to is at the Rolls-Royce Villa. As I was chauffeured over in a Dawn, we arrived to the new location for the villa, in a charming villa along the cliff.

The party was outside where Rolls-Royce put on their highly anticipated car runway show.

Next stop - Bentley. Now with it being Bentley's 100th year, I knew things were going to be big for them. Not only did they hit me with the new Flying Spur, but got to see the Bentayga Speed, finally in person along with the Bentayga V8 Design Series and of course the concept car EXP100 GT. WOW!

Now everyone thinks I am running around Carmel party hopping and enjoying the good life, well think again. This is an exhausting trip, up at 6am and bed at midnight if you are lucky. There are so many different events and things you have to get to, as much fun as it is, you are going and blowing at a 100 mph....or as fast as a Chiron. ha!

Next stop, Karma Automotive. Now this is a new brand that Post Oak Motors has taken on and one that I am personally very fond of. I have never been a fan of most of the electric cars on the road. Why do they all have to look like eggs or pods? Well Karma is different, they truly prove you can be both sexy and luxurious and still be electric.

Now the most anticipated part was getting the chance to finally see the new Karma GT designed by Pininfarina and then the jaw dropping concept car, the SC1 Vision.

Now a brand that holds many of hearts, Ferrari, never lets me down, from the smaller gathering of cars at Quail, to the take over by Ferrari on the first tee at Pebble Beach Concours. It is one of the few brands that truly captivates everyone, whether you are a gear head or not. They are truly works of art in my opinion.

Of course when I go Ferrari hunting, I am always on the lookout for a 812 Superfast, as it is my favorite, but then I met the new SF90 Stradale. YIKES!!! I am having a feeling that once I get behind the wheel of one of these, I may have a new favorite.

And then last but not least, Porsche. Having owned 10 different Porsche's over my years, you can rest assured that my heart will always hold a place for the brand. I would take a 911 GT3RS over anything any day of the week. My ultimate bucket list car has always been an 1997/98 911 C4S. Also wouldn't pass up a older 911 Turbo. The 911 is an icon and one of the few sports cars that I can honestly say, I love the classics more than the new ones. However, the new speedster was pretty hot! ha!

This blog post could go on forever as there truly are so many awesome cars to tell you about. But will leave you with a few more highlights of some hotties I spotted.