• Diane Caplan

Houston Heels & Horsepower April 28th, 2018

Houston Heels and Horsepower is Houston's first cars and coffee event series geared towards women, set against the backdrop of of Houston's ultimate luxury retail destination, River Oaks District.

Look, I get it, boys are taught to play with cars and trucks and girls are to play with baby dolls and barbies. This is where I put my foot down at a very young age. Why couldn't a little girl have just as many barbie dolls as she has matchbox cars? That is how I rolled growing up.

Having been in the automotive industry for many many years, a industry dominated by men, along with attending various car events year after year, the one thing I have always wished was that more women would get involved in the industry and more women would enjoy showing their love for their cars at events around town.

Houston Heels and Horsepower was created to fill that void, to have a day empowering and celebrating women in Houston and their love of cars. There are so many fabulous women I know that love their cars, collect cars, and love driving cars, this event is for them. And to kickoff our premier event, it wouldn't be complete without having a celebrity appearance by one of the most famous car girls....Supercar Blondie.

As a former automotive professional, I continue to market for some of Houston's hottest dealerships and brands, such as Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Bugatti, Porsche, Jaguar, Land Rover. It is no secret that luxury brands are taking notice to the woman buyer and her ability to not only purchase her own cars, but enjoy the ultra luxury and exotic brands as well. We are proud of our Dealer Showcase, a group of luxury dealerships displaying not only their hottest models, but their support of Houston's car girls. I thank each of them from the bottom of my heart.

I am so proud of this event and cannot wait until April 28th. If you are interested in showing off your car or are a business wanting to show your support of Houston's car girls, visit Houston Heels and Horsepower online.