• Diane Caplan

Tulum, Mexico - Paradise Awaits You

When you can hop on a Southwest Airlines flight to Cancun, Mexico at 10am and be on the beach in 3 hours, truly is the cherry on the top when it comes to Tulum being our favorite vacation spot.

Each time I visit, I discover new boutiques, chic hotels and fun party spots and restaurants.

So here is my Tulum updates of the latest and greatest places you need to check out.


We once again returned to Nest Tulum. It continues to exceed our expectations and we love the cozy quiet atmosphere of this little hotel. With only 9 rooms, you never have to worry about not getting a prime bed on the beach, or not getting enough attention, ha! There are some updates however to Nest, which include a full service kitchen open to the public. Breakfast and lunch served and highly recommend the grilled shrimp tacos!

BeTulum, nextstore to Nest has expanded and now has 64 rooms. All new suites have been added along with new pool area. It has a full service restaurant and DJ on the weekends out on the beach. For those wanting something a bit more "full service" and want to be surrounded by more people, BeTulum may be your spot. Food is amazing, rooms simply beautiful and is the definition of the Tulum vibe.

Another hotel we checked out is Casa Malca. This hotel is most known for the fact it was the place of Pablo Escobar's former homes. The abandoned mansion was bought by New Yorker art dealer Lio Malco in 2012, where he turned in what was left of the estate and expanded it into a 42 room luxury hotel in Tulum. The property is large, and a eclectic mix of amazing art from his the owners collection with rustic accents. It has swimming pools and a full service restaurant onsite. The beach is massive, much more set back than Nest and BeTulum and is well manicured. It does have covered beds as well on the beach to lounge on. This hotel is a interior designers dream, as there are so many things to be inspired by, however the hotel is more modern and not as cozy and rustic as BeTulum or Nest. So depending on your taste and what you prefer, this may be a great option for you.


When you stay at hotels like Nest or BeTulum, its tough leaving as the food at both are simply amazing and you will never have a bad meal. However when you are traveling to Tulum, TV's are a rare find, as when you come to Tulum, the whole point is to unplug! But when you are traveling during the world series, the need is real. There are two restaurant/bars that have TV's playing sports - Mataeos Mexican Grill and El Diez. Both are directly across the street from one another. Mataoes is a great spot for lunch or dinner and is loaded up with Mexican favorites like tacos and fajitas and fresh grilled fish.

El Diez across the way is an Argentina grill restaurant. Very nice staff, great menu, empanadas are outstanding and if you are craving a burger, be sure to grab one here!

Taqueria La Eufemia is a beach club and restaurant rolled into one. You will find it via the beach road or walking up the beach - both having signs "Relax and eat some fucking tacos". It's a bit of a dive, but I love it! It serves up tasty tacos, cold beer and wine while surrounded by a young beautiful crowd. Alot of the transplants that end up in Tulum, working in the hip boutiques and such hang out here. DJ is playing great music, you can grab a table or a bed on the beach and enjoy the water while snacking. Lots of people bring their dogs to this hotspot as well.

I Scream Bar is a little bar off the side of the road on the jungle side. It is a bar that actually has pretty good ice cream as well. It attracts quite the characters, but is awesome people watching while sipping on some wine after dinner.

Mur Mur is a great little restauant you walk past when you are heading down to some little boutiques such as Hoki Poki Kanna. Based on local Yucatan dishes, they use the least amount of technology for cooking and everything is seasonal from local farmers. Try the grilled octopus!

Gitano's is another great spot if you are looking for live music and dancing. They also hosted a great Halloween party, so if you go over the holidays, be sure to put this place on your list.


As always, I need to add to my Prison Art handbag collection, and this boutique is one of the first places I always stop into to see the latest designs that the prisoners have produced.

Mr. Blackbird - is a favorite and always pickup a new piece of jewelry.

Caravana Tulum - Amazing leather designs, fringe fringe fringe

La Troupe Tienda - Love the bags here, along with some great pillows.

MexicArte - stop in here as you may come across some local design jewelry that is fun.

Hill Hawt Design - tapestrys, hats

KM33 - jewelry

Josa - love their sandals

Hokie Pokie Kana - I always pickup some new bathing suits and dresses

Lolita Lolita - lotions, shampoos etc.

Tulum isn't for everyone. It is very laid back, wedges and heels are nonexistent as you are walking on sand paths pretty much everywhere you go. The internet is sketchy, alot of of the restaurants are cash only and we recommend you get money exchanged and pay in Pecos. It's very bohemian so pack light - it is not fancy, shorts, flip flops, batching suits and couple tops is truly all you need. I barely wear any makeup when I am in Tulum.