heels & horsepower 

Founder - January 2018 to Present

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Heels & Horsepower is a car club for ladies that own a supercar such as Ferrari, McLaren, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin just to name a few.


Founded by luxury car veteran Diane, Heels & Horsepower officially kicked off April 28th with an over the top production at River Oaks District with international social media star Supercar Blondie.


Having been in the luxury automotive industry for close to 20 years, it was Diane‚Äôs mission to form a car club just for strong, likeminded women that enjoyed not only a passion for supercars, but other luxury lifestyle hobbies such as shopping, fine dining, art, travel and more importantly empowering women.


Members enjoy invites to exclusive events, rallies, private parties and more. The club has over 85 members to date and growing daily.